What happened? I bought a Dolly?

Ehr, yeah. I kinda did. I have to admit I never thought myself in the market for a Dolly. They are big and bulky things that I have no interest in storing, let alone lugging around. But then there was the CamDolly v2.

I came across this thing on Nino Leitner’s blog and I’ve been chatting with the inventor Met Hrovat in Slovenia for a few months now. He basically woke up one day, asking himself why he needed three or more tools to move his camera around on every shoot, and why so many of them didn’t fit in the trunk of his car. So he did some thinking and came up with a multi purpose system that is a bunch of camera transportation all rolled into one:

— Slider
— Tabletop Dolly
— Doorway Dolly
— Track Dolly (including some really interesting track, more on that later)
— Orbital/Arcing Dolly

This is the Swiss Army Knife of Dolly’s. It will sell for around $4,000 but there’s a drive on right now (Sep 14, 2011) from TubeTape where they are selling it for $3,000.

My unit just arrived yesterday, very promptly shipped by Met’s US reseller TubeTape, thanks to Scott Homes and his crew up in Sacramento. All I’ve done so far is unpacked and put it together in my living room but I will test this on a shoot as soon as I get a chance and provide some thoughts from the field, and some pictures!

Meanwhile, check out the website and take a look at this promotional clip:

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