The move to WordPress finally happened…

I’ve abandoned Apple’s web hosting and moved into the wonderfully confusing universe of WordPress. With any luck this might mean I’ll actually update my blog more than once in a blue super moon but I ain’t making no promises!

The move might have been a bit simpler if it hadn’t coincided with a major hard drive failure and some day-long uploads for overseas clients, but hey, it’s all done now and normality pretends to have been restored!
I have a bunch of stuff I’d love to write about – from the everyday battles of screenwriting to misbehaving clients and a whole bunch of tech stuff in between, such as a Canon C500 screening, my new Lytro camera, a recent shoot where I got to put my CamDolly and micro crane from DSLR-DEVICES under a whole heap of stress and more…

The move wasn’t easy and I’d much rather have lived without it. Apple’s been given a lot of flack for their mobile me service over the years and sure, it hasn’t been perfect but it’s really hard to find anything decent to replace it!

For photos I now have to resort to Flickr. For file sharing and hosting I had to migrate to FTP. For web creation I had to migrate all my stuff to WordPress, including a couple of blogs with their comments… Phew. I now end up paying memberships to a whole slew of fragmented services that don’t really talk to each other, instead of living inside the (sometimes limited, I’ll admit) walled gardens of Apple where everything works together without much effort.

Don’t get me started on the philosophical disadvantages of walled gardens and the benefit of open platforms to society as a whole, but there’s something completely irreplaceable about a seamless end-user experience…

It’s a shame, I’ve spent many hours cussing over it, but now it’s done.
I can’t understand why apple, with their big push into iCloud, couldn’t have worked on integrating and improving these services instead of just dumping them by the side of the road, but hey, I’m not a gigantic corporation with endless cash reserves so what do I know!
Either way, its done now. Fingers crossed I actually get around to writing!

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