Shaq, Justin Bieber and Carmen Electra all drop into my reel…

My reel has finally gotten a bit of a refresh! I now have some footage from “Ballerz”, the scripted series I’m directing for Converge, starring Shaquille O’Neal as himself. We had Justin Bieber, Carmen Electra and Adrian Petersen in the pilot, not to mention the rest of the talented and amazing cast. I will share more as soon as I’m allowed, but at least now we have some stills and a couple of clips in my reel!

The rest of the reel tries to cram 20 years of experience into a minute. Great music by Murray Gold helps! This track is “Onwards!” from the Doctor Who Series 5 soundtrack featuring the outstanding BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Buy it on iTunes!

Here are a few more frame grabs:

Carmen Electra looks skeptical in "Ballerz."

“Tevin”, played by Lawrence Adimora, spurs a song out of Justin Bieber in "Ballerz."

Shaq holds court to his crew, played by (from left to right) Indira Gibson, Larry Flash Jenkins, Asante Jones, Mykel Shannon Jenkins and Lawrence Adimora.

“Think about what I’m saying now, imagine that,” says Shaquille O

Shaq laughing at a pickup in “Ballerz.”

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