A selection of clips from Theatrical projects. Trouble viewing? Please click here.

Theatrical trailer and excerpts from the feature film “Possession”, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lee Pace, produced by Vertigo/Spitfire/Yari Film Group.

Samples from the Academy Award nominated short film “Victor”. One of my earlier efforts.

Teasers and excerpts from Swedish language feature “Den Osynlige”, produced by Sonet Film, later remade “The Invisible” by Spyglass/Disney with David Goyer directing.

A visual presentation and some conceptual CG work for “Tunnels”, the fantasy adventure that me and Simon Sandquist adapted for Relativity from the British novel series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. All clips copyright of their respective owners/publishers and used here for illustrative purposes only.

I served as Second Unit DP, ultimately shooting about 1/4 of the movie, all on Super-16 with minimal light. The credit sequence is all done in camera, using a low-cost approach that I’ll definitely try again.

Excerpt from the short film directred by Dae-Hoon Kim and shot by Bianca Halpern on the Canon 5D mkII with standard Canon glass. I simply served as colorist but this was my first chance to follow 5D footage all the way to a 35mm print. The results were very encouraging and a large part in my decision to purchase my own PL modified 5D and 7D.

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