Pavel Ythjall picks up my 7D and goes to town!

I met Pavel Ythjall through my great friend Daniel Saxlid (also an eminent sound designer, recently nominated for the Swedish Guldbagge Award, congrats Daniel!) Pavel has made a name for himself in stills but as worlds are merging and he has a DP background, he’s doing more and more motion work on his still shoots. He was looking for a 7D for an upcoming shoot and when he realized I had one with PL mount and CP.2‘s to go with it, he jumped at the chance to try it out.

One of many great pics from Pavel

With the Scarlet and C300 all the rage these days, it’s refreshing to reaffirm my opinion that the camera is just a tool, and that, in the right hands, the 5D and 7D have lost none of the allure that kicked off the whole large-sensor-revolution a few years back. I’m embarking on a large scale project in the next few months and with a plethora of options available, we’re choosing to shoot the whole thing on the HotRod modified 5D/7D combo. Excited to share more on that project when I can!

Meanwhile, please enjoy Pavel’s two spots and a behind the scenes look below.

Nice work Pavel!

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