No Smoking please! A PS-CAM X35 byproduct

This is a pretty funny draft for a non smoking commercial, shot as part of the PS-CAM X35 camera test we shot a while back. God only knows why all these people agree to all this abuse!

Here’s a description from Nate Adams on Vimeo:

“This piece was a fantastic byproduct of my high speed shoot with the P+S Technik PS-CAM X35 prototype camera. I shot the slo-mo punch on a green screen with the idea it would be a funny no smoking piece…Then my friend Cooper Johnson and his team at Cardboard Castle keyed it from the green screen and came up with the great concept, music and edited it all together. They did an AWESOME job.”

The green screen was obviously a very overambitious challenge with a prototype camera. Both our X35 experts Michael Erkelenz and Thomas Greiser warned us that the camera was not ready but Coop wanted to give it a try anyway and even though it was a tricky pull it came off surprisingly clean in the end.

And it’s funny…


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