The lenses you shoot through are more important than the camera you use to record their image. For my main set I went with the ultimate combination of speed, flexibility and price, the Zeiss CP.2 (Compact Prime II) series. I have a set of five, the 21, 28, 35, 50 and 85mm.

Compared to still glass from Canon and others, the CP.2’s have smooth aperture, 300 degrees of cine style rotation (meaning you can actually pull focus) and calibrated scales.

They cover any camera, from Alexa to Red and beyond, they have stunning visual qualities, legendary Zeiss sharpness and contrast ratio, they are lightweight and small, and even cover a greater image area than Ultra Primes and Master Primes, all the way to a full-frame still image at 24 x 36 mm. Plus the mounts are interchangeable, from PL to Canon, Nikon or even Micro 4/3.

I do love this glass…  🙂

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