The DSLR revolution has forever changed the landscape of large-sensor cameras. I’ve been a fan since the original Canon 5D mkII came out, but the lens choices were very limited for film work. Canon has some great glass but it’s built for stills, meaning no manual aperture and impossibly short focus rotations.  If you’ve ever tried pulling focus with a lens meant for autofocus you know what I’m talking about.

That’s why I got myself a Hot Rod.

Illya Friedman over at Hot Rod Cameras builds a lot of nice gear, including a PL mount version of the Canon 5D. This means my 5D can accept cinema style PL mount glass, making a world of difference not only to image quality but to the realities of being on set. Add to that my OConnor O-Box, O-Grips, Zacuto EVF, handheld rig and a few more bells and whistles and you have a pretty sweet camera system that produces some excellent images. Now all you need is a story…  🙂

I also own some 2/3 inch HD camera gear that I still use frequently, and I rent anything from the Alexa, Epic and C300 to the PS X-35 or the Phantom as the job requires.

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