The move to WordPress finally happened…

I’ve abandoned Apple’s web hosting and moved into the wonderfully confusing universe of WordPress. With any luck this might mean I’ll actually update my blog more than once in a blue super moon but I ain’t making no promises!

The move might have been a bit simpler if it hadn’t coincided with a major hard drive failure and some day-long uploads for overseas clients, but hey, it’s all done now and normality pretends to have been restored!
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Steve Jobs and my 6-year old son

When my 6-year old son heard that Steve Jobs had passed away today, his response was one of sadness, followed by this short exchange:

“But they will still make apple computers, won’t they?”
“Yes they will.”
“Oh, tank goodness.”

Being thankful is a great strength.

Photo from Apple.

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Unleash Your Inner Demon

You know that beast we all carry inside? Don’t you just wish you could unleash it sometimes? When someone insults a loved one, or when a client doesn’t pay like they promised, or when that rude BMW cuts you off at the lights – couldn’t he see you had the kids in the car! You know what I mean…

We all have moments when we dream of reacting in ways that would only get us into trouble, no matter how justified, and, well, turns out…there’s an app for that and it’s called Demon Cam. Silly, funny and sure to be part of many 2011 Halloween party invites!

They also made a clever (if somewhat long, sorry, guys) commercial if you have 5 minutes, and there’s tons of BTS stuff and tutorials on Video Copilot. Enjoy!

Header picture mucked up in Pixlr-o-matic on my iPad.