Is the DSLR dead?

It’s been 5 years since the Canon 5D mkII changed the world of filmmaking. To celebrate this birthday, myself and many other professionals were contacted by Mitch Aunger of Planet5D to give our thoughts on the future of DSLR. Mitch collected the mass of thoughts that followed and has published a free (yes, free) ebook that you get for simply subscribing to his blog.

Here is the excerpt of my small contribution to this book:


My 5D

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Tunnels update

The cat is officially out of the bag – fellow Swede Mikael Håfström is attached to direct Tunnels.

Tunnels - cover for the amazing book by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Tunnels – cover for the amazing book by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Tunnels is the screenplay I adapted with Simon Sandquist for Relativity Media, based on the amazing best selling novel by the same name, the first in a series of a staggering six by authors Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. The book has sold over a million copies and been published in forty countries, and it’s a great read so if you haven’t already, please pick it up! Here’s an amazon link. Fire up your Kindle!

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The move to WordPress finally happened…

I’ve abandoned Apple’s web hosting and moved into the wonderfully confusing universe of WordPress. With any luck this might mean I’ll actually update my blog more than once in a blue super moon but I ain’t making no promises!

The move might have been a bit simpler if it hadn’t coincided with a major hard drive failure and some day-long uploads for overseas clients, but hey, it’s all done now and normality pretends to have been restored!
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Shaq, Justin Bieber and Carmen Electra all drop into my reel…

My reel has finally gotten a bit of a refresh! I now have some footage from “Ballerz”, the scripted series I’m directing for Converge, starring Shaquille O’Neal as himself. We had Justin Bieber, Carmen Electra and Adrian Petersen in the pilot, not to mention the rest of the talented and amazing cast. I will share more as soon as I’m allowed, but at least now we have some stills and a couple of clips in my reel!

The rest of the reel tries to cram 20 years of experience into a minute. Great music by Murray Gold helps! This track is “Onwards!” from the Doctor Who Series 5 soundtrack featuring the outstanding BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Buy it on iTunes!

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Pavel Ythjall picks up my 7D and goes to town!

I met Pavel Ythjall through my great friend Daniel Saxlid (also an eminent sound designer, recently nominated for the Swedish Guldbagge Award, congrats Daniel!) Pavel has made a name for himself in stills but as worlds are merging and he has a DP background, he’s doing more and more motion work on his still shoots. He was looking for a 7D for an upcoming shoot and when he realized I had one with PL mount and CP.2‘s to go with it, he jumped at the chance to try it out.

One of many great pics from Pavel

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Henry Cejudo: Quest For Gold

“Henry Cejudo, at the age of 21, achieved his dream and made history by becoming the youngest American gold medalist in the history of U.S. wrestling. Henry’s inspiring journey from childhood adversity to the 2008 Beijing Olympics shows what the human spirit is capable of when passion and perseverance are at the soul’s foundation. His story has rekindled the national ethos of the United States; a place where freedom includes a promise of opportunities for a better and fuller life, a promise of the American Dream.”

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Loan Stars

Ex-cons, high risk loans, repos and chaos. Those are the building blocks of this real life doc series about a one of a kind car lot that specializes in second chances, where ex-con Wayne Harriman calls the shots.

I exec produced with Picture Lab Entertainment and also shot some segments. The show has a great cast of characters and it’s well worth watching for that alone.

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Alien Robot Invasion

Alright, obviously not a robot, probably not even passable as an invading force in an Ed Wood flick, but actually the Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam from my new CamDolly case.

So far everything about my new CamDolly has been great, except for one thing… it didn’t come with a case! It simply arrived in cardboard boxes from Tube Tape and once it was open all I had to move it around was a couple of old suitcases. Not very practical.

I know Met Hrovat over at CamDolly is working on a solution, but I have a show coming up where I’m hoping to use the dolly so I couldn’t wait. I decided to go at it DIY style…

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Steve Jobs and my 6-year old son

When my 6-year old son heard that Steve Jobs had passed away today, his response was one of sadness, followed by this short exchange:

“But they will still make apple computers, won’t they?”
“Yes they will.”
“Oh, tank goodness.”

Being thankful is a great strength.

Photo from Apple.

If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email

Unleash Your Inner Demon

You know that beast we all carry inside? Don’t you just wish you could unleash it sometimes? When someone insults a loved one, or when a client doesn’t pay like they promised, or when that rude BMW cuts you off at the lights – couldn’t he see you had the kids in the car! You know what I mean…

We all have moments when we dream of reacting in ways that would only get us into trouble, no matter how justified, and, well, turns out…there’s an app for that and it’s called Demon Cam. Silly, funny and sure to be part of many 2011 Halloween party invites!

They also made a clever (if somewhat long, sorry, guys) commercial if you have 5 minutes, and there’s tons of BTS stuff and tutorials on Video Copilot. Enjoy!

Header picture mucked up in Pixlr-o-matic on my iPad.