I was eleven years old when my great grandmother gave me a hand cranked double-8mm camera and I have never looked back. Born and raised in Sweden I got my start in news and documentaries, traveling hot spots like Afghanistan, Bosnia, Croatia, Israel and the Palestinian Territories. It was a great stepping stone for dramatic work, leading to an Academy Award nomination for the short film “Victor” as well as feature debut “The Invisible,” remade by Spyglass and Disney with David Goyer at the helm.

I have since moved to L.A., establishing myself as writer and director with assignments for Warner Bros., Fox, New Line and many others. I directed the feature film “Possession” for Yari Film Group, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lee Pace, worked as writer/director on Neil Gaiman’s “Books of Magic” for Warner Bros., adapted the best-selling British fantasy adventure “Tunnels” for Relativity, manga comic “Mr. Grieves” for Seven Seas/Triumph Entertainment and “Conan the Barbarian: Tower of the Elephant” for Paradox Entertainment, to name a few.

As Director and Executive Producer I am currently developing the new media franchise “Ballerz” for Converge Global, a scripted comedy and lifestyle show in the vein of “Entourage” featuring Shaquille O’Neal as himself and a heavy celebrity presence, with pilot presentation included guest stars such as Carmen Electra, Adrian Petersen and Justin Bieber.

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