Born in 1973, Bergvall attended the prestigious film program at Södra Latin Gymnasium in Sweden, as well as Kulturama’s acclaimed program for film studies. Even before his graduation he began working in television as a cinematographer and editor, primarily focused on the Documentary field. During the mid-90s he worked in Israel and other European hotspots as a documentary filmmaker and producer, receiving assignments from numerous European networks.

Bergvall further developed his filmmaking skills in the European film industry and in 1997 he collaborated with Simon Sandquist to Produce and Direct the short film VICTOR. The film was Bergvall’s first effort on the big screen, receiving a great deal of attention including a 1999 nomination for an Academy Award.

In 2002, Bergvall and Sandquist partnered again to direct THE INVISIBLE based on the novel of the same name by Mats Wahl. The film is an eerie and moving piece about a young man trapped between life and death. Shortly after THE INVISIBLE screened at The Hollywood Film Festival, the remake rights were sold to Spyglass and Disney and the movie was, to great success, re-tooled for the American market with David Goyer at the helm.

Since then, Bergvall has been attached to direct several high profile projects, among them FEAR ITSELF at Intermedia, about a serial killer attacking his victims with their greatest fears, BOOKS OF MAGIC at Warner Brothers, a large-budget film based on Neil Gaiman’s DC Comic of the same name, supernatural thriller THE IMAGINED at Fox, the thriller TRAP DOOR at New Line Cinema and many more. He directed his first English language feature with Sandquist, POSSESSION, produced by Vertigo and Spitfire Entertainment, released by Yari Film Group and 20th Century Fox. The film stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Jess, a woman whose life is torn apart when her husband and brother-in-law suffer a horrific car accident, leaving her to struggle with the possibility that the spirit of her husband has returned in the body of her brother-in-law.

Bergvall has also become a successful writer, delivering, with Sandquist, an enormously well received draft of epic fantasy adventure TUNNELS, an adaptation of the British novel series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, as well as a pitch for THE GUILD OF SPECIALISTS, an adaption of Joshua Mowll’s novel series currently set up with Blacklight Transmedia and Imagine Entertainment.

He recently adapted manga comic MR. GRIEVES for Seven Seas and Triumph Entertainment as well as CONAN THE BARBARIAN: TOWER OF THE ELEPHANT for Paradox Entertainment. As Executive Producer and Director he helped create the large scale New Media project BALLERZ for Converge Global, a scripted comedy and lifestyle show in the vein of ENTOURAGE starring Shaquille O’Neal and a heavy celebrity presence, with pilot episode including guest stars Carmen Electra, Adrian Petersen and Justin Bieber.

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