Shaq, Justin Bieber and Carmen Electra all drop into my reel…

My reel has finally gotten a bit of a refresh! I now have some footage from “Ballerz”, the scripted series I’m directing for Converge, starring Shaquille O’Neal as himself. We had Justin Bieber, Carmen Electra and Adrian Petersen in the pilot, not to mention the rest of the talented and amazing cast. I will share more as soon as I’m allowed, but at least now we have some stills and a couple of clips in my reel!

The rest of the reel tries to cram 20 years of experience into a minute. Great music by Murray Gold helps! This track is “Onwards!” from the Doctor Who Series 5 soundtrack featuring the outstanding BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Buy it on iTunes!

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Pavel Ythjall picks up my 7D and goes to town!

I met Pavel Ythjall through my great friend Daniel Saxlid (also an eminent sound designer, recently nominated for the Swedish Guldbagge Award, congrats Daniel!) Pavel has made a name for himself in stills but as worlds are merging and he has a DP background, he’s doing more and more motion work on his still shoots. He was looking for a 7D for an upcoming shoot and when he realized I had one with PL mount and CP.2‘s to go with it, he jumped at the chance to try it out.

One of many great pics from Pavel

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